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IndieDevLab announces speakers


Couldn't get tickets to WWDC or can't afford it? Be sure to check out IndieDevLab, which we wrote about here. Here's a quick recap:

indiedevlab will pay host to many developers as a place to come during before and after WWDC to work/play and meet like minded people. Throughout the 4 days there will be a Games remix contest in which developers attending will be given the source code to a bare bones game and their task will be to remix said game to be the next Angry Birds (We hope), at the end of the 4 day event the games will be put up to an esteemed panel of judges to decide on the best game, winners will be chosen on creativity, gameplay and the use of the iOS touchscreen set.

Also, they just announced speakers, and it's a great lineup:

First up we have the jailbreak king himself Mr Jay Freeman (aka saurik), as you may or may not know saurik is the founder of saurikIT and he runs the only jailbreak AppStore "cydia", we felt he would be an incredible asset to this event and you really can't go more indie then jailbreaking itself.

Second is Nate True.....What more do I need to say then Nate created one of the most hotly anticipated games EVER to be on the iOS platform: Tap Tap Revenge.

Third is Ben Zadik. Ben Zadik heads Babble-on, an app localization company in San Francisco. He has led the translation efforts of some of your favorite apps, including Shazam and Skyfire. He'll talk about what translators expect to get from devs and why you should localize, as well as a few funny (but awful) localization snafus.

Fourth is Dan Grover. Dan is an extremely well ventured iOS/OSX developer and has recently sold his piano learning iOS iPad app "Etude" to Steinway & Sons.

We are yet to confirm more speakers and we would suggest anyone to keep up to date with this to follow @indiedevlab

TUAW will be in attendance as well, and we'll try to talk to as many developers as we can. See you in San Francisco!

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