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FTC to investigate Nexon's alleged hostile takeover of Gamania

Jef Reahard

Nexon's recent acquisition of Taiwanese publisher Gamania will be scrutinized by the Fair Trade Commission (FTC), according to a report in the Taipei Times. A hostile takeover is alleged, and FTC chairman Wu Shiow-ming said the commission will "ask Nexon to comment on its definition of Gamania's market share, the particular field it defines Gamania as being in, and its current relations with Gamania."

This will help determine whether Nexon has violated the Fair Trade Act, which mandates that any merger involving a company with more than 25% market share in a particular field must be reported to authorities.

Gamania contacted the FTC, ostensibly out of concern for Nexon's impact on the Taiwanese gaming industry. "It would be absolutely detrimental to the development of Taiwan's online gaming industry if a large-scale foreign corporation was allowed to take control of the local industry's operating channels and resources, whether the integration is horizontal or vertical," the company said.

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