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MIT's LiquiGlide could spell the end of slow-moving ketchup nightmares (video)


A team from MIT has decided to end slow-pouring ketchup problems once and for all with its LiquiGlide project. Instead of karate-chopping the 57 logo on the bottle's neck, a super-non-stick coating is sprayed on the inside of its glass container. It's so good that even highly viscous liquids like ketchup and mayonnaise roll out of the bottle and onto your dinner as if it was water. All the chemicals used are already FDA approved, meaning that it's already safe to be used in food production. If adopted, it'd save around one million tons of trapped sauce from being wasted every year. Since we already have finely-honed ketchup-fu skills, we're hoping the LiquiGlide technique also finds its way into peanut butter jars.

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