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Rosh Online major content update adds more funtionality and gameplay

MJ Guthrie

Ignited Games has released a major content update to its free-to-play fantasy MMO Rosh Online that not only adds more gameplay features but introduces a number of new systems and changes to enhance the player experience.

Along with a mysterious new island and dungeons to explore, new armor and weapons, improved boss monsters, three craftable bear mounts, and an increased level cap (up to 75), this update offers more functionality with modifications to the UI, an inventory sort function, a craft tooltip, and an auto-walk system to get players to NPCs and quest mobs.

If that doesn't sound like enough, a new dismantle system for creating unique crafting items and the ability to view players' equipped items are also being introduced. More details are available in the patch notes.

[Source: Ignited Games press release]

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