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Tivoli enters headphone game with Radio Silenz, has new PAL BT and Model One BT radios

Sarah Silbert

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Tivoli Audio is known for radios that rarely deviate from a tried-and-true formula (save for that snazzy crystal-encrusted Model One), but the company is still capable of surprises. Exhibit A: it's gearing up to release its first pair of headphones. The new Radio Silenz noise-cancelling cans have 40mm drivers in the wooden ear cups, and a "Defeat" button mutes your tunes so you can hear someone talking to you without taking the headphones off. Tivoli says the AAA battery will give you 50 hours of listening. The Radio Silenz will go on sale for $160 in June.

Just because Tivoli is venturing into headphone territory doesn't mean it is losing touch with its roots. In addition to the cans, the company has two new radios, the PAL BT and the Model One BT, both of which support Bluetooth streaming. The $300 PAL BT sports a 2.5-inch, battery-powered speaker, while the $260 Model One's 3-inch speaker is encased in a lovely, retro wooden design. Tivoli will also sell a $200 BluCon wireless Bluetooth receiver. All three products will reportedly launch in late summer.

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BOSTON, MA – Tivoli Audio introduces its first active noise canceling headphones in style with Radio Silenz that features the same distinctive wood finishes found in other Tivoli Audio products. The genuine solid wood ear cups together with the high performance 40Mmm drivers provide excellent sound quality and low resonance. At the same time, the headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear. The closed back, padded on-ear design also rotates 90 degrees and upward for compact, easy transport in its own included travel pouch.

Radio Silenz operates up to 50 hours on a single AAA battery included in the packaging and can be used with the noise cancellation on or off, or even without a battery. The unique "Defeat" button temporarily switches off the noise cancelation and fades down the audio, allowing conversation or announcements to be heard without having to remove the headphones or switch the noise cancelation off and on again. "In remaining true to our design culture at Tivoli Audio, we created Radio Silenz to maximize musical listening experiences by combining the acoustic advantages of natural woods with the technology of active noise cancelation," says Tom DeVesto, Tivoli Audio Founder, CEO and Designer. "The result is a headphone design that has a distinctive look for the discerning listener."

Radio Silenz features real wood housings that provide a more natural sound, making it a perfect listening device for home, office or on the airplane. It features a gold-plated 3.5 mm right angle stereo plug, airline adapter, and compact control unit with a pocket clip.

Radio Silenz is available in three beautiful wood finishes of Walnut, Cherry, and Black Ash to coordinate with other Tivoli Audio products. The Radio Silenz headphones are suggested to retail for $159.99 and will be at market June 2012 to be sold nationwide at audio dealers and retailers, or direct by calling toll-free to 1.866.848.6544 or visiting HYPERLINK ""



BOSTON, MA – For those who want great sounding music wherever they go that looks as good as it sounds, Tivoli Audio introduces the new PAL BT – one of the world's most popular portable music systems now with Bluetooth wireless technology. In addition to listening to your favorite radio stations on the go, the PAL BT allows you to listen to all of your stored music. Once paired, the PAL BT will access your music from your cell phone, MP3 player, computer, or any other Bluetooth technology-enabled device with the same sound quality one comes to expect from Tivoli Audio products.

The PAL BT makes it effortless to listen to great sounding music thanks to the Bluetooth wireless tech-nology's advanced A2DP profile, combined with the PAL BT's trademark equalization. And with the Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS), there is low-to-no noise interference with other wireless devices. The PAL BT is easy to use without any complicated set up required or need for extra cables. And like the original PAL, PAL BT is weather-resistant and rechargeable for total portability. It is a great companion for the outdoor patio, porch, waterfront, boat or anywhere in and around the home and workplace.

"Fans of the PAL radio will now have a wireless version in PAL BT to enhance their musical listening experiences," says Tom DeVesto, Tivoli Audio Founder, CEO and Designer. "PAL BT offers the most advanced high-fidelity sound quality in the smallest yet simplest to use wireless portable radio."

The PAL BT delivers multiple hours of rechargeable portable power with an environmentally-friendly NiMH battery pack that has no memory effect and fully charges in three hours. Despite its size of 6.25"H x 3.69"W x 3.88"D and weight of less than two pounds, it has a minimum 30' reception range. By switching to FM to activate the Bluetooth, the PAL BT will remember up to eight paired devices.

PAL BT is available in five decorator colors of Black/White, Blue/White, White/White, Yellow/White, and Red/White. It features an auxiliary input and stereo headphone output. The PAL BT is suggested to retail for $299.99 and will be at market late summer 2012 to be sold nationwide at audio dealers and retailers, or direct by calling toll-free to 1.866.848.6544 or visiting HYPERLINK ""



BOSTON, MA – Tivoli Audio's most acclaimed Model One FM/AM table radio just went wireless as the newly introduced Model One BT with Bluetooth wireless technology. With the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology, when you're not listening to your favorite AM/FM stations, you can listen to the music from your phone, computer, MP3 player, or other Bluetooth technology-enabled device. With the Bluetooth wireless technology's advanced A2DP profile, combined with the Model One BT's great sound, your music will never miss a beat. Just switch the Model One BT to the Auxiliary position, pair with your device, and start listening to great sound – it's that simple.

According to Tivoli Audio CEO, Founder and Designer Tom DeVesto, "Just like the original Model One Table Radio, the Model One BT hits a high note in delivering great reception and high fidelity sound in a radio unmatched by any other home entertainment product. This is surely a radio to be seen as well as heard."

Despite its compact size of 4.5" H x 8.37" W x 5.25" D, the Model One BT has a 30' Bluetooth reception range. Its Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) results in low-to-no noise interference with other wireless devices. It features a large 5:1 ration tuning dial and 3" full range, long-throw driver for exceptional high fidelity sound. By switching to auxiliary to activate the Bluetooth, the Model One BT will remember up to eight paired devices.

In addition to high-performance sound, the Model One BT comes in eight decorator finishes in furniture-grade wood veneer cabinets for display in any room of the home or office. Model One BT comes in Walnut/Beige, Cherry/Silver, Cherry/Cobalt, Maple/Hunter, Wenge/Bronze, Black Ash/Silver, Black Ash/Black-Silver, and White/Silver.

The Model One BT is suggested to retail for $259.99 and will be at market late summer 2012 to be sold nationwide at audio dealers and retailers or direct by calling toll-free at 1.866.848.6544 or visiting HYPERLINK ""

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