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Yahoo! Axis delivers synchronized browsing for iPad and desktop


Want your desktop browser pages to show up on your iPhone or iPad, so you can keep on browsing where you left off? There are a few products already offering this feature, including the capable Firefox Home, but Yahoo's mobile product team didn't want to stop with a simple sync engine. They decided to deliver a new search plugin for the desktop, and a new browser for the mobile space: Yahoo! Axis.

Billed as "a new way to search and browse," Axis aims to give your searches more flexibility and flair with predictive results, swipe-to-view search thumbnails, and the aforementioned synchronized recent pages. The overall result is pretty easy to use, if not exactly pretty-pretty -- the theme is very dark gray, compared to Safari's lighter look.

Axis includes sharing options for Pinterest and Twitter, plus emailing URLs. Logging into the iOS browser and installing the desktop plugin (for Safari, Firefox or Chrome on the Mac, and those plus IE on Windows) enables the synchronized open tabs & recent searches features. Bookmarks in the app also sync across, making it easier to track your favorite sites on the go.

Axis has still got a few rough edges, especially on the desktop plugins. The Chrome plugin I tested had some issues with page content and didn't seem particularly happy with YouTube playback. Still, Yahoo is definitely putting some energy (technical and promotional) behind this offering -- it's not bad now, and it's going to get better.

For a quick demo of the product, Yahoo has thoughtfully posted the video below. (Link via The Next Web)

And here's the rather silly TV ad for the iPad version of Axis. Watch out for that caber, laddie!

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