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Introducing a better mobile web experience for TUAW


Remember when the iPhone debuted and crashed mobile Safari? Good times. We quickly rolled out as an interim solution, but it was very stripped down and not ideal. We eventually added the ability to visit the full site, and the full site no longer crashes Safari (and looks great on the iPad, by the way). Today, I'm very happy to announce another iteration of our mobile site, located at

You may notice some similarities to the Engadget mobile site, as it is based on that site's mobile implementation. We're especially excited about a few things:

  • Optimized for your iPhone – and your other phones, too
  • Touch driven navigation (swipe through featured articles, etc)
  • Commenting integration w/ Livefyre
  • Video support
  • Share articles to FB, Twitter or Email

Our thanks to everyone at AOL who made this happen!

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