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New iPad to be released in Philippines, Guam on May 29th


While it seems like the new iPad is available everywhere on the planet, there are still locations where it's impossible to find one. Apple has announced that the newest member of the iPad family will find its way to two new locations in the Asia/Pacific market -- the Philippines and Guam -- on May 29, 2012.

In the Philippines, the iPad will be available from Apple's online store, at selected resellers, and through Globe Telecom. On Guam, the new iPad will only be available at the sole Apple reseller on the island -- MiTech International.

Ironically, one location that still isn't getting the new iPad is mainland China, the country where most of the devices are manufactured. There's some thought that this might be due to the ongoing trademark dispute with Proview over the iPad name. Indonesia also lacks the new device, but the iPad 2 can still be purchased at a number of Apple resellers.

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