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Nuance announces Dragon Drive, Siri-like functionality for cars


If you can't get enough of Siri's dulcet tones, then you'll be happy to hear that Nuance -- one of the companies behind Apple's intelligent assistant -- has announced a similar type of functionality that should be coming to cars soon. Dragon Drive replicates the power of Siri so that drivers can initiate a conversation to perform common tasks rather than take their hands off the wheel.

Expected sometime this summer, Dragon Drive lets drivers send text messages, check traffic information, play music, or get directions by just asking. A button on the steering wheel activates the voice recognition so that other discussions in the car don't set off a search. Dragon Drive then uses onboard software to do part of the voice recognition rather than relying solely on remote servers like Siri.

Like Siri, Dragon Drive learns a user's voice patters, and other noises like windshield wipers are filtered out. It's expected that the technology will soon be available to any smartphone user and in cars equipped with a cellular radio and SIM card.

Nuance technology is already used in infotainment systems in cars by GM, Ford, BMW, and Daimler, but it is unknown how many of the car manufacturers will opt to use Dragon Drive.

[via Macworld]

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