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The Elder Scrolls Online using HeroEngine 'as a whiteboard'

Jef Reahard

Fan outcry over the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online was long and loud, not just for the presumed MMOification of a beloved single-player franchise but for the toolset chosen by ZeniMax Online Studios to bring the world of Tamriel to its new audience.

Game Informer confirms that ZeniMax is using the HeroEngine, which also powers Star Wars: The Old Republic and which has come under fire from some in the MMO fan community. Game director Matt Firor says that the firm isn't using the engine as you may expect, though.

"Think of HeroEngine as a whiteboard for us –- a great tool to get some ideas in the game and start looking at them while the production engine was in development," he explains.

[Thanks to Austin for the tip!]

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