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The Queue: The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Shaving Mug


Welcome back to The Queue, the daily Q&A column in which the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mathew McCurley (@gomatgo) will be your host today.

If you know me a tiny bit or follow my Twitter, you know that I'm sort of a nerd when it comes to shaving. Not content with the Mach 3 quad-blade whatever and desperate to save cash, I decided to search for something better. Like most young men of the internet age, I found mantic59 by way of a forum post or somesuch that lauded the benefits of traditional wet shaving and fragrant lathering, and my life changed forever. If you're interested, start here, and watch them all.

Anyway, I've never considered myself a true shaving fan because the visceral reaction to my fandom was never profound. It was fun for me, sure, but the outward expression of the thing was just not there yet and it was my personal experience. However, when I saw Truefitt and Hill showing off their Jubilee Commemorative Shaving Mug for the Queen of England's Diamond Jubilee in 2012, I wanted it. I want it bad, and I'll do anything to get it. Then it hit me; I'm sure excited about a shaving mug. Could be a whole lot worse.

So, men, I implore you. If you shave, shave like a man. I can give you no better, no more sagely, and no more important advice. You'll be better for it.


ancientn00b asked:

What happens if we enter a cross realm zone and someone is there with the same name? Will it be like in dungeons where their realm name is after their name? Also will we be able to join with them in a party to quest together?

Cross-realm zones will most likely work exactly like dungeons. Names and characters will be differentiated by the server surname. Surver. I made that up.

Koboi_K asked:

In Cataclysm, the mastery stat was the least attractive stat for a lot of specs, especially for dds. Do you see this trend continued in MoP beta, or will the mastery stat become more than just a reforging reservoir?

Blizzard learned a lot from Cataclysm with regards to mastery and its "knobby-ness." The original design goal for mastery was to be another way for Blizzard to adjust output while creating gear that was accessible and sought after by all manners of classes. What happened was some mastery abilities worked well, like protection warrior shield block and critical block, whereas others worked poorly, like most DPS specs.

Hopefully Blizzard will take what they've learned from the Cataclysm experiment and make mastery into a more desirable thing. I can only assume that stats will be in a better place, considering damn near everything in Mists of Pandaria is shaping up nicely.

tomfromhr asked:

What are your dream race/class combos that aren't in the game, lore breaking or not? Gnome druid (kitty form!)? Orc priest? Nelf paladin? Or, my personal favourite, Tauren rogue?

I know we answer this question every 6 months or so, but too bad. Orc and undead paladins should be in the game. Undead paladins would look amazing in paladin tier sets and are already fighting a great lore battle with the light. Orc paladins could be brought in through some cool alliance with the draenor Draenei in the early days of settlement and friendship between the races. They did have contact, after all. Whatever, I think they're both cool.

As for the Alliance, while I know that it would never fly in the lore, it would be cool to see a subset of draenei warlocks or Broken that stray too far from Velen's teachings and fight fire with fire. They aren't evil but definitely misguided. Night elf warlocks, too.

sergel92 asked:

I know to transmog something, it needs to be the same type, plate for plate, leather for leather, etc.

However, does it need to be the same class? For example, say you're a mage and you have pair of Priest shoulders you really like. Could you transmog your current shoulders with the Priest set?

In order to transmog one item into another, you need to be able to equip both items. If you are a warrior and want to wear a piece of paladin tier 2, you will not be able to, nor will you be able to transmog those pieces. If you're looking for a similar look for a tier set, most of them are available, and in sometimes-superior colors than their originals.

@JCPowell14 on Twitter asked:

Do you think blizz would ever have a cosmetic-only legendary so they wouldn't have to balance radsi around an OP weapon?

No, I don't think that legendaries will go the way of the transmog. However, I do think the new model will be the "give you something you can use forever along with the weapond" type of thing that started with Shadowmourne and continues in some cool way today. I guess the rogue legendaries don't really give you the cool thing forever, it's still a cool effect.

You'd think Blizzard would let players transmog their legendaries because, as we've seen, transmogrification is literally the coolest thing added to WoW ever, didn't destroy the game, and people didn't quit in droves (because of transmog at least.) I don't have a legendary that I could transmog right now, because I use a two-handed sword, but I'm never getting rid of my OEB (yeah you know me) so you might as well make that a legendary, too. It is built-in to the transmog system, and is a basic truth to the whole thing, that if you find a transmog set you like and you don't want to change it you never have to sans the weapon types. That style of transmog should be catered to as well.

Here's my Mists of Pandaria prediction: you will see some changes to the transmog system and a loosening of the rules. It won't be super loose just yet, but it will loosen. Please?

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The WoW Insider crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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