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Embers of Caerus reaches Kickstarter funding goal with 22 days to go

MJ Guthrie

Just a few days ago we reported that Forsaken Studios was launching a Kickstarter campaign for Embers of Caerus and set a goal of $25,000. After hitting 92% of its goal in only five days (including one confirmed $10,000 donation), developers released a video update thanking all supporters, large and small.

The update also offers more tidbits of information, including the addition of a jobs page to the official site for those aspiring to work on Embers of Caerus and a reward matrix that better spells out what donors will receive for their contributions. Technical Directer Dave Belcher also gives some insights into why the game supports harsher death penalties and will not consider going free-to-play.

Now that the game has officially reached its Kickstarter goal this morning, we can't wait to see what else the Forsaken Studios team will offer up in the game's development as it still has over 22 days to go for its funding! Will it reach $100k? $300k? One meeeellion dollars? We'll certainly keep our eyes on its progress.

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