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First Kinect in space is like the first dog in space but it has more use


Engineers in Surrey are using Kinect technology in a pair of satellites, hoping to make them dock together, in orbit, using the peripheral's motion-sensing capabilities.

Surrey Satellite Technology Limited's STRaND 2 satellites will use components of Kinect tech to scan their immediate surroundings and gather spatial awareness from all directions: They are planned to launch, separate and perform safety checks, and then dock with each other again. In space.

In-orbit docking has so far been reserved for the rich kids at space camp, only available in multi-billion-dollar ships. The STRaND 2 satellites will be the smallest yet to link up in orbit.

We think this raises the Gaming vs. Miscellaneous Uses For Kinect tally to 36-5,690, or something in that area. Space points count as triple, because seriously, that's awesome.

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