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Avoid murdering all of your test subjects with this Aperture Science gas mask

Jordan Mallory

One of the only downsides associated with flooding your test facility with a deadly neurotoxin is that everything dies. That may sound like the obvious and desired result, but what if you, in your capacity as a malevolent and cunning artificial intelligence, want to keep a single test subject alive while the rest asphyxiate horribly?

Costume artist Two Horns United may have found a solution to this classic scientific dilemma with his custom built Aperture Science Portal Gun Gas Mask. While the inner workings of the mask's machinations are not fully explained, we assume it uses portal technology to funnel clean, breathable air into your squishy human test subject's dreadfully inefficient lungs. AIs interested in integrating post-traumatic stress disorder into their testing regiments can get on the waiting list by messaging Two Horns United on his DeviantArt page.

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