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Olympus creates world's thinnest industrial videoscope, packs HDR (video)

Alexis Santos

Though its medical brethren are considerably slimmer, at 2.4mm in diameter, Olympus says its iPLEX TX is the most slender industrial videoscope on our big blue marble. Rather than using traditional fiber optics to capture footage reminiscent of comic book print, the iPLEX TX houses a miniature CMOS atop one end of the scope and an HDR image processing technology called WiDER to preserve detail and brighten images. The eagle-eyed scope is also 200 times more resistant to frictional wear than fiberscopes and has over double the slip strength. If you're itching to poke inside impossibly cramped and complex pieces of machinery, jump past the break to catch a glimpse of the video-enabled snake in action from

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