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Rating Tim Cook's performance as Steve Jobs's replacement


All eyes have been on Tim Cook since he took over as CEO of Apple. Most early reports have been favorable, including this latest one from Don Reisinger who is writing for eWeek. Reisinger presents ten reasons why Tim Cook is considered a topnotch CEO.

Contributing greatly to his success is the way Cook inherited Apple. He stepped immediately into the CEO position and took over the company seamlessly. There was no downtime or uncertainty when Jobs stepped down. Cook was ready and rearing to take over.

Now that Cook is in the driver's seat, he's been adept at handling controversy in China, while still keeping investors happy with outstanding financial performance and dividends. Employees are also pleased with their leader and have given him a 97 out of 100 rating on

Besides these points above, Reisinger presents several more reasons why Tim Cook is an excellent CEO. You can read the remaining points on eWeek's website.

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