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Renaissance Heroes closed beta starts May 31st, and we've got keys

Jef Reahard

Renaissance Heroes isn't exactly an MMO (it's a 12-player lobby shooter if you're curious). Given the fact that it melds the Unreal Engine 3 with 16th century Renaissance Europe, we figured you'd like a beta key to take a look.

The game features the usual deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture-the-flag modes, along with over 100 unlockable achievements. Unlike your daddy's FPS, it also features crossbows, battlehammers, and other classical weaponry.

Closed beta starts May 31st, but we're handing out 1000 keys now to get you ready. Again, the keys won't be able to be redeemed until May 31st. Click past the cut for your beta key redemption instructions.

Closed Beta Key Redemption Instructions

1. Click the green button below to get your closed beta key
2. Visit the Renaissance Heroes website
3. Click on "Create Your Account"
4. Download and install the game client
5. Sign into the game with your new ChangYou account and you're all set!


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