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Thomson's 5.3-inch X-view 2 brings its dual-SIM capabilities, Android 4.0 to la France


Last we heard, Thomsom had its PoMMeS IPTV tablet land at the rigorous FCC offices -- oh, and how could we forget that perky V888 slider from a few years back. Fast forward to today, and the company's clearly adapted to the "new" times, now introducing its 5.3-inch, dual-SIM X-view 2 smartphone in France. The phablet-styled device boasts a qHD, 960 x 540 display alongside an undisclosed single-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, a 2500mAh battery to get you through the days and, as we're finally becoming accustomed to seeing, a flavor of Android 4.0. Thomson notes the X-view 2 will hit French shelves later this summer, though there's no word yet on how much cash you'll have to unleash in order to grab one of these for yourself.

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