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Dragon Crusade enters closed beta

Karen Bryan

Want to build up an empire and govern with an iron fist (or a gentle hand)? Ready to obliterate rival kingdoms with an overwhelming army? Then Dragon Crusade might be right up your alley.

Dragon Crusade is a browser-based MMO strategy game from Aeria Games that's also free-to-play. Players have the opportunity to choose from six different playable races ranging from Dark Elves to Dwarves to the necromantic Azraen, each with its own unique buildings, troops, and abilities.

There are several features that allow players to forge alliances and allow them to share key resources, technology, and buildings. But if you prefer to die by the sword, you can send heroes into gladiatorial arena matches or dungeon runs to bring back loot.

The game is just entering closed beta, and you can register to participate. Those who do are eligible for unique items and custom gear. These events include challenges to produce the most resources, obtain the strongest equipment, and form one of the top five alliances. Even more prizes will be offered through surprise challenges that change daily!

For more information or to register for the beta, you can head to the official site.

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