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Google Chromebooks bring the cloud to the plane with 12 free Gogo sessions

Brian Heater

Need a dozen or so extra reasons to pick up a new Samsung Chromebook? How's about 12 free in-flight WiFi sessions from GoGo? Granted, it's probably not enough reason alone to pick up the browser-based notebook, but it should help sweeten the deal a bit. The deal, which kicks in after May 31st, will have you flying the friendly web on some 1,500 Gogo-sporting planes.

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New Google Chromebooks Now Come with Added Value: Pre-Loaded Access to 12 Free Gogo Sessions

Thinking about buying a new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook? Gogo has once again worked closely with Google to offer consumers who purchase a new Samsung Series 5 Chromebook some added value: 12 free Gogo sessions onboard more than 1,500 Gogo-equipped planes. The offer is valid on any new Chromebook purchased after May 31, 2012.

Redeeming your free in-air Wi-fi sessions is easy, simply power on your Chromebook after you hit 10,000 feet, open your browser and you will be automatically directed to information on how to access your free sessions.

"Having a light-weight, easy to use Wi-Fi enabled device like the Chromebook is perfect for connecting in-flight," said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo's Chief Marketing Officer. "Chromebooks are no-hassle computers that are always new, take just seconds to power up and deliver a browsing experience that will allow travelers to access the Internet in-air easily."

About Gogo

Gogo is fast becoming everyone's favorite part of flying. By allowing travelers to get online, in air, Gogo keeps them connected to life. Using the Gogo exclusive network and services, passengers with laptops and other Wi-Fi enabled devices can get online on more than 1,500 commercial aircraft including all domestic AirTran Airways and Virgin America flights, all domestic mainline Delta Air Lines flights and select Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways flights.

Back on the ground, Gogo's 400+ employees in Itasca, IL, Broomfield, CO and London are working to continually redefine flying as a productive, socially connected, and all-around more satisfying experience. Connect with us at, on Facebook at and on Twitter at

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