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New Little King's Story graces Vita in North America this summer


Finally, the Vita followup to the best game of 2009 is coming stateside. New Little King's Story, a new game based on the Wii action/strategy game, will be released as a download this summer by Konami.

Featuring a less cutesy art style and a new storyline (and lacking the hand of creator Yoshiro Kimura), New Little King's Story sees King Corobo trying to reclaim his lost lands from the Demon King. Players will recruit and grow their Royal Guard from their own kingdom, and then basically throw all those people at enemies.

We might admit to being a bit ... cautious ... about the new art style and loss of Kimura's guidance, but at least with this announcement, we'll have the opportunity to judge for ourselves.

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Classic Action Adventure Role Playing Game Fit for a King Downloadable on New Handheld System for the Very First Time

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – May 30, 2012 – Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that New Little King's Story will be available for download for the new PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system this summer. Featuring a brand new storyline and online functionality, New Little King's Story offers players a royal role playing game with enhanced PlayStation®Vita system graphics and features.

New Little King's Story follows players as they assume the role of King Corobo, tasked with reclaiming his kingdom from the Devil King, "The Nightmare." Players will experience an incredible journey as they visit seven different kingdoms and battle against evil dark lords that have captured the royal princesses. As King, gamers will need to lead their Royal Guard in every grand battle, and plan attacks wisely as they grow their populations and broaden their territories.

The action adventure title takes full advantage of the PlayStation®Vita system, featuring upgraded 2D and 3D visuals, and utilizes intuitive touch controls, including the PlayStation®Vita system rear touch pad. Players can also enjoy a myriad of newly added online features including downloadable content, item combining co-operative play and online leaderboards.

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