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Report: Battlefield 3 'Premium' service costs $50 one time, includes 'all five themed expansion packs'


Reports of Battlefield 3's "Premium" service just got a lot more official looking, with a fact sheet leaking out of Germany containing lots of details. The service apparently costs $50 one time and includes a variety of content, including access to the five released and upcoming Battlefield 3 expansion packs, two weeks of early access to said packs, and "a host of unique in-game items not available anywhere else."

That, however, is where the "interesting" part of this ends, and the "pretty gross" part begins. Beyond the DLC access, Premium members are said to get "access to powerful new features." What features might those be? "The ability to reset stats" is listed, but so is "queue priority into servers," which means exactly what it sounds like. As in, "pay for this service and get into servers faster than the rabble."

The fact sheet reconfirms what we saw leak out of the EU PlayStation Blog earlier today – Battlefield 3 "Premium" is expected to launch alongside the "Close Quarters" DLC on June 4 across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Head past the break to see the full sheet.

Update: EA tells Joystiq, "Looks like the excitement for Battlefield Premium cannot be contained. For details, please visit on June 4." We'd suggest you check out on June 4 as well. Just a guess.


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