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8BitMMO adds zombies, mega map, and more

Jef Reahard

What's better than 2-D massively multiplayer sandbox action? Why, 2-D massively multiplayer sandbox action with zombies, of course! 8bitMMO has updated with the brand-new S8 patch, which brings lots of new features to the retro indie construction game.

Chief among said new features are a playable zombie race, a mega map, additional permission controls for player cities, trading, and more avatar customization options.

8bitMMO is the work of a single developer, Robby Zinchak, who says that players can take his creation and run with it. "The community can participate as part of the game's development. In fact, many of the new features in the S8 update were inspired from the top voted player suggestions," he says.

[Source: Archive Entertainment press release]

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