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MotoCzysz aims to refashion TAC Motors' Stark into an eco-friendly off-roader

Zachary Lutz

Imagine barreling through the Amazonian rainforest with machetes flailing from the windows of your off-road rig, and just as you're about to kick the vehicle into low gear, you pause to consider the impact of your vehicle's exhaust (among other things) on the delicate ecosystem around. Fortunately for eco-minded folks, Portland-based EV manufacturer MotoCzysz -- creator of the wicked E1pc electric motorcycle -- plans to allay some of those concerns with its all-electric eStark SUV. For the basis of the vehicle, the company has turned to Brazilian auto manufacturer TAC Motors. The two partners will work together to integrate MotoCyzysz's electric D1g1tal Dr1ve powertrain into otherwise diesel-thirsty Stark SUVs. Naturally, they'll also need to fill it with a healthy battery pack, which'll undoubtedly weigh down the otherwise plasticky carriage. Currently, the companies plan to manufacturer 3,600 eStark SUVs, which the partners hope to sell in Brazil and North America. Don't count on taking the eStark onto the freeway anytime soon, though -- the high cost of US safety certifications will likely keep this one away from city streets.

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