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Mini Ninjas Adventures uses Kinect to turn you into a tiny assassin


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For those of you who played 2009's Mini Ninjas and thought, "If only I were able to directly control lil' Hiro with my own lithe ninja body," Square Enix and Side-kick Ltd. have just the thing. Mini Ninjas Adventures, out June 29, is an XBLA Kinect game that lets you control Hiro as he fights to save his master.

Using Kinect gestures and voice commands, you'll fight through 21 different levels, complete with bosses. However, mere fighting is not the truest test of your ninja training and abilities – that is what the minigames are there for.

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A full body Ninja experience coming exclusively to XBLA Kinect June 29th 2012

London (1st, June 2012) – Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of SQUARE ENIX® interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, today announced Mini Ninjas™ Adventures, a brand-new title will be available exclusively in North America and Europe for Kinect® for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft from the 29th June 2012.

Developed specifically for Kinect, Mini Ninjas Adventures lets you become the ninja! Get ready to swipe, kick and battle your way through intense ninja action as you help Hiro rescue his master and fellow ninjas from the clutches of the evil Samurai Warlord.

"We're excited to be bringing Mini Ninjas Adventures to Kinect for the first time," said Sarah Hoeksma, VP Brand, Square Enix Europe. "We've created a completely new Xbox® Live Arcade game, using the extremely charming Mini Ninjas brand, which we feel delivers fun family gaming to the living room."

Developed by Side-kick Ltd, Mini Ninjas Adventures will be coming exclusively to Xbox Live Arcade priced at 800 points. Future ninjas can look forward to taking on 21 different levels and a range of boss battles armed with physical and magical attacks that will have the evil samurai running in fear, all supported by the incredibly responsive game engine.

"We are thrilled to be working with Square Enix and IO Interactive. Bringing Hiro to life using Kinect gave us an excellent opportunity to use our passion for motion games to create a deep arcade title that is fun for all" said Asaf Sela, founder and creative director of Side-kick.
So pack your ninja stars, sword and more and get ready for adventure...a Mini Ninjas Adventure!

Mini Ninjas Adventures will be available in English, French, Italian and Spanish


21 Different Levels - All packed with multiple different enemies, and environments
Mini Games – Put your Ninja skills to the test across a range of mini games
Boss Battles – Take on the ultimate Ninja challenge with fiendish boss battles
Gesture Driven Combat – Put your body through the full Ninja workout, controlling multiple weapons with movement and voice-activated attacks
Physical and magic attacks – Easy to learn, tricky to master
Character upgrade system – Customise your character to suit your Ninja style
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