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SOEmote tech brings live facial expressions, voice to EverQuest II avatars

Jef Reahard

Roleplaying is the red-headed stepchild of MMO design considerations these days, but at least one studio hasn't forgotten immersion enthusiasts. Sony Online Entertainment has announced a new EverQuest II feature called SOEmote, which converts your webcam input into avatar facial expressions. The suite also gives users the option to modulate their voice to something appropriate for their character.

"Any game that calls itself a roleplaying game absolutely needs this feature. For other games, it's just a really good idea that your players will want. Pick a character. Pick a class. And then be that character instead of just being yourself. That's what a roleplaying game is supposed to be," SOE producer Dave Georgeson explains.

Head to PCGamer for the full interview and a tech demo video.

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