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Sphero adds first third-party app with Last Fish


Sphero is a little rolling ball robot that's controlled via iOS or other mobile devices. We last covered it when it was being previewed at CES, but it's been available for a while, either online or at a Brookstone store near you. But now the little ball has added a new trick to its repertoire: With a game called Last Fish, Sphero now works as a controller.

I'm not completely clear on how it exactly works, but I think you can just roll Sphero around to control the luminescent onscreen fish, which seems like a really good idea. You're effectively translating a 2D screen into actual, 3D space. The game seems very artistic and well-done, if a little simple, but the added charm of using the Sphero device makes it worth checking out. We'll look forward to seeing the Sphero used in other ways in conjuction with third-party iOS apps.

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