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Vita getting cat videos ... er, YouTube by the end of June


Tired of rewatching that UMD copy of Spider-Man 2 over and over? Well, Sony's ... oh, what's that? Oh, right, Vita, not PSP! Let's try this again.

Tired of replaying that copy of Lumines over and over? Well, Sony's got a whole mess of video content heading to your PlayStation Vita in the coming weeks, via wildly popular internet video service YouTube. According to SCEA director of handheld consoles product planning and platform software innovation Don Mesa (breath), YouTube will arrive on the Vita in app form by "the end of June."

It's unclear if the service's offerings will be any different on Vita compared to on a computer, or if it'll allow uploading directly from the Vita (not to mention using video shot with the Vita itself). Hopefully next week's big show will help clear that up.

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