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'Miiverse' announced for Wii U, greatly expands Mii Plaza from Wii


Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced Miiverse today, a "Mii universe" for Wii U, during the company's Nintendo Direct pre-E3 livestream. Miiverse is an online system planned for the company's upcoming system that displays a Mii plaza on the Wii U GamePad – it's looking like a much expanded version of the Wii's Mii Plaza feature.

The plaza will show Mii characters gathering around game icons and feature a messaging system for players to connect with players they both do and do not know, as well as a variety of other asynchronous functionality. The messaging system includes a "spoiler" checkbox to prevent players from wrecking a friend's game experience (should they choose to use it), as well as the ability to send images and drawings to one another. Miiverse will also feature a social networking-style "wall" of sorts, where players can post screenshots from games.

Miiverse will also inhabit the 3DS and mobile devices (Android, iOS) in the future, though it will not be available immediately at launch.

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