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Nintendo teases Wii U Pro Controller, black Wii U hardware (update: video)

Joe Pollicino

Aside from officially detailing tweaks to its Wii U Gamepad today, Nintendo has announced a secondary controller for those who'd prefer a more traditional control method. Dubbed as the Pro Controller, the wireless peripheral has a remarkably similar shape and button layout to what comes standard with the Xbox 360 -- albeit with a duo a of evenly-placed joysticks and Nintendo-focused function buttons. You'll also notice that it's the first Wii U accessory to be colored in black, rather the white we've become accustomed to. It doesn't stop there either. While showing more video of how the Gamepad functions, it and the Wii U were also shown in the murdered-out hue for the first time -- eye pleasing to say the least. There's not word on pricing for the Pro Controller or whether the system will be released in both black and white just yet, but we'll be sure to bring you more details from the show floor at E3 when we have them. Click past the break for a look at the console and Gamepad in their darker attire.

Update: Join us past the break to view the webstream for yourself!

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