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The final Wii U: What's new, different, gone


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unveiled the final product version of the Wii U in today's pre-E3 Nintendo Direct livestream, and while you can get a look at it here, we wanted to point out the major differences between it and the prototype.

The product version has two full analogue sticks that are clickable, replacing the prototype's circle pads. The back of the WiiPad (seriously, that is what we're calling it) has rounded grips and the buttons and direction pad have been shifted toward the screen "to maximize comfort even if you are playing for a long period of time," Iwata said.

The final Wii U has near field communication technology on the left side, under the D-pad, for scanning applicable real-life objects into games.

The product version also adds a TV button, positioned next to the power button, that turns the Wii U into an infrared TV remote, Iwata revealed.

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