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Acer turns down non-tablet ARM devices, player hates the smartbook game


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Acer may be going on a full touchscreen blitz at Computex, but one thing it's not doing is chasing others down the smartbook path. Talking with journos as Taipei's big gala got underway, company chairman JT Wang said that ARM was too fresh-faced to be used in anything besides a tablet, at least until 64-bit ARM architecture speeds things up in earnest. Wang wasn't too worried, though: Intel and Microsoft were recovering their "relationship" now that Windows 8 was providing a spark to reignite the love affair. That will leave Acer taking a decidedly different route than its Taiwan sibling ASUS, whose Tablet 600 carries more than a slight smartbook vibe. With ARM-based Windows 8 PCs not poised to arrive in force until early 2013, though, it will take some time before we know which course is wisest.

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