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EA Canada creating a new action franchise, job listing suggests


EA Canada, whose last shipped product was this year's SSX reboot, is looking for somebody to help out on a new franchise, according to a job listing for a lead gameplay designer. "This is a major opportunity to lead the gameplay of an exciting new intellectual property that will entertain millions of people around the world," the listing reads.

Some of the wording also suggests this new IP is either a shooter or an action game – likely both. Either way, it's a game with a heavy online component: EA is looking for somebody with a "proven track record of designing and balancing combat, player controls, and AI for AAA shooters or action games," and who has a "deep knowledge of the action/shooter game genre." This person must "drive the player progression experience to ensure a deep and addictive persistent online experience."

With E3 going on this week, it wouldn't be a bad bet to say we'll hear more during the show; however, some of the wording suggests that this project hasn't gotten too far off the ground yet and might be too early off for an announcement. EA is still looking for someone to "plan and define all components of the game, including its setting, structure, rules, story flow, characters, objects, vehicles, interface design and game modes."

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