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Nikkei: Nintendo to reveal larger 3DS system, 30,000 yen Wii U


Nikkei, a Japanese newspaper with a penchant for correctly reporting Nintendo-related news before its official announcement, is reporting that Nintendo is planning a version of the 3DS with a larger 4.3-inch top screen. This "3DS XL" type system, if (Andriasang's writeup of) Nikkei's report is accurate, could be out this summer in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Nikkei also reports that it expects the Wii U to retail for 30,000 yen in Japan. That comes to $383 in US dollars, though Japanese systems tend to be more expensive than in the US – the 3DS is currently equivalent to $190, for example.

We'll find out for sure tomorrow: Nintendo's E3 presentation takes place tomorrow at 9am PST.

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