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Sony tags PlayStation All-Stars as 'Super Smash Bros.' on YouTube [Update: Removed!]


Update: That was quick! Sony has since removed the tags and replaced them with some more appropriate ones – good thing we have the screen cap. You can find our original post below.

Original post: The official YouTube channel for PlayStation has oddly tagged its E3 trailer for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale – specifically, with some "Super Smash Bros." tags. "Super Smash Brothers," "Super Smash Bros" and "SSBB" are all tags visible right now on the YouTube page.

So for how much we're all comparing the new mascot brawler with Nintendo's franchise, it would seem even Sony is willing to acknowledge its influence or is simply looking to grab players looking for Super Smash Bros. content on YouTube.

Hit the jump for a larger version of the page, screen capped for posterity.

Sony tags PlayStation All Stars as 'Super Smash Bros'

[Thanks, Logan]

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