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TERA offers instant streaming demo courtesy of Gaikai


If you've been curious about TERA but are unsure of putting your money down or waiting for a lengthy download, then En Masse has a treat for you today. The studio has partnered with cloud gaming service Gaikai to offer an instant streaming version of TERA's demo.

Players can get right into the game with no download by visiting the new TERA demo page. Massively tested this out and confirmed that the game does indeed launch within seconds and allows you to test drive one of three pre-made characters in this action combat world. There is no cost associated with using this feature.

VP of Publishing Chris Lee thinks this is a perfect way to spread the word of TERA: "Gaikai's powerful cloud streaming service gives players a chance to enter the action combat world of TERA almost instantly. Within seconds of accessing TERA through Gaikai, players will be immersed in the skill-based combat of a true action MMO where they will experience the depth of a traditional MMO alongside the visceral satisfaction of an action game."

Gaikai offers tailored cloud-based gaming services for studios. We recently spoke with Gaikai's CO Dave Perry about his company's ambitions and goals within the MMO industry.

[Source: En Masse press release]

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