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Dragon Soul's Power of the Aspects debuff to 25%


While there isn't a blue post yet, we can confirm via the in-game screenshot we took above that the Power of the Aspects buff is now at 25%. It had been at 20% for a little over a month. This follows the roughly every four- to five-week pattern of increasing the debuff's strength.

As always, if you want to turn the buff off, just talk to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of the instance. He'll make it go away -- otherwise, you'll get 25% weaker enemies. Remember that this debuff only applies to the normal and heroic versions of the raid, not to the Raid Finder version.

We'll update this post with a blue post when one comes about.

Edit: Blue post!

Dragon Soul Difficulty Change - 25%
At the completion of scheduled server maintenance during the week of June 5, the "Power of the Aspects" spell will grow more powerful, reducing the health and damage dealt of all enemies in the Dragon Soul raid by 25%. This spell has grown progressively stronger over time to reduce difficulty and make the encounters more accessible. The spell will affect both normal and Heroic difficulties, but it will not affect the Raid Finder difficulty.

If you don't need the help of the Dragon Aspects, the spell can be disabled by talking to Lord Afrasastrasz at the beginning of Dragon Soul.

We hope you continue to enjoy Dragon Soul, and that these changes encourage you to attempt a higher difficulty, or just keep pushing to take down that next boss.

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