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E3 2012: Final Fantasy XIV releases new version 2.0 screens and art


E3 2012 is going strong, and you know what that means: screenshots for everyone! The folks at Square-Enix are jumping aboard the screenshot bandwagon with a bundle of new screens and artwork from Final Fantasy XIV's upcoming version 2.0 update. The new gallery of goodies shows off a number of the improvements coming to FFXIV in 2.0, such as the sleek new UI, fancy new character creation, improved real-time shading, and most importantly, the ability to frakkin' jump.

Jokes about basic athletic ability aside, the new screens are delightfully shiny and should be a welcome sight both to current players and those waiting for 2.0 to get back into the game. The concept art also hints at a number of new vistas, monsters, and equipment pieces coming in 2.0 as well, so check out the full gallery below for all of the delicious new

[Source: Square-Enix press release -- special thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

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