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The Repopulation's May report highlights new crafting and combat goodies

MJ Guthrie

Another month has come and gone, which means it's time for another end-of-the-month status report for The Repopulation, the upcoming sci-fi sandbox game that plans to start a round of alpha testing this month. To get ready for this next step, Above and Beyond Technologies has been hard at work adding new elements to the game and tweaking many existing ones.

Amid the UI tweaks and bug fixes, this update includes world, skill, crafting, and combat changes. Two new areas (Oasis Valley and Wreckage Site 94) have opened, while other areas have been revamped. Over fifty new decoration items have been added, including benches and chairs where players can sit. Stealth has been reworked so that players can now detect others using their own skill check. Crafting has a new system in place that will require players to respond to occasional events and the responses will affect the result of the craft. Combat sees new immunity timers for daze and stun effects that will prevent players from becoming stun-locked in PvP.

And that's just the tip of the update iceberg; full details can be found in the patch notes.

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