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THQ's new boss outlines the company's path to financial salvation


"For me, this is about the future," newly appointed THQ president Jason Rubin told investors during a conference call this morning. Rubin was outlining his plan for the future of THQ – a plan he hopes will take THQ from an ailing company on the fringe of the publishing world to previously untapped financial greatness. "The industry is about to change. If you look at what's happened in the PC business, if you look at what's happened in some of the other businesses out there, you see that print models and different ways of distributing and publishing games has opened up a significant amount of revenue for other companies," Rubin said.

Rubin's message – wherein he partially blamed THQ's financial issues on "big incumbent players" who have a "huge advantage in keeping their top spots," such as EA and Activision – seems particularly strange considering THQ CEO Brian Farrell's repeated assertion that the publisher is focused on "core brands" such as Darksiders and Saints Row. As recently as last week, THQ was espousing its "core games" focus. "THQ realigns its focus from a maker of licensed games for broad audiences to a developer of AAA 'Core' games for multiple platforms," the press release announcing Rubin's appointment reads.

"Companies in a very short amount of time can go from very small to very large. Zynga's a perfect example of that," Rubin said. "I believe that this business has opportunities that are coming on the near horizon to do something very similar. And I think that the teams that we have are properly positioned and properly sized to take advantage of that opportunity." Rubin further explained his hopes for those business opportunities. "This is about looking at what THQ has, looking at what the business is gonna become in the near future, and making a real concerted attack to get in early on the new business model." What that business model will be remains to be seen. We'll be sure to put that question to Rubin when we speak with him later this week.

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