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Mad Catz unleashes the Wii U accessories at E3, we go hands-on


Eagerly awaiting the launch of the Wii U? You're not alone. Mad Catz is ready, as the outfit has recently announced a set of accessories for the aforementioned console. Here at E3 2012, we were able to get a closer look at the entire family from the charging docks right on down to the TRITTON Kunai headset. While only the set(s) of cans is a finalized design, the outfit says the stands that will recharge your controllers that we saw are nearly complete. However, the FlipCover that we viewed was still a working prototype -- the same goes for the FPS controller that we were able to sneak a peek at. So, what about pricing and availability? The company is only offering that the Kunai for Wii U will set you back $50 when it ships. If you're looking for a quick rundown, hit the gallery below or venture beyond the break for a few impressions.

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Mad Catz unleashes the Wii U accessories at E3, we go handson

Let's start with the finished product. The TRITTON Kunai headset for Wii U will provide enhanced audio for your intense Nintendo sessions. Available in both black and white color schemes, the cans have a comfy fit thanks in part to the leathery covering on the inside of the earcups. Our only real knock against the pair is that the overall size of said ear coverings seemed a bit too snug once you had the Kunai in place. However, if you don't want to drop your hard-earned dough on gaming audio and new portable listening devices, you can detach the kit's microphone and sport the TRITTON headset as a regular ol' set of headphones. You can also remove the inline control if you choose to do so during this type of easy listening. Not looking to pick up Big N's upcoming console? The Kunai will be available for the 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PS3 as well.

Keeping your Wii U GamePads and remotes charged will be utmost priority in order to maintain your reign over the Miiverse. Announced here at E3, the Power Up ChargeDocks will handle said duties for both sets of controls. Again, what we saw aren't quite the final products, but we're told they're close. Both will be dressed in metal, but the GamePad portion of the duo will feature some tilt action for whenever you need to rest and use a stylus comfortably. For your Wiimotes, you can expect a battery pack that attaches to the station with magnetic contacts. Mad Catz says the idea here is that once you purchase both charging accessories, you can place them back-to-back and rest your console right in the middle -- making the entire bundle more visually appealing.

Mad Catz unleashes the Wii U accessories at E3, we go handson

As you might expect, the newly unveiled FlipStand serves as a Smart Cover of sorts for the Wii U's GamePad while protecting that precious touchscreen. Also along for the party was the upcoming FPS Pro controller. This will bring a more Xbox-style controller to the Wii U that's a tad bit different from Nintendo's own Pro Controller. The key feature is around back, where two programmable buttons offer the option of sending your regular commands around to the backside for easier access. Both d-pad and button controls can be selected for use via a set of toggle switches that are also housed underneath. For now, though, there's no word on when we'll see the final versions of either of these or any indication as to how much they will cost.

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