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ROCCAT's Lua and Kone XTD gaming mice shown off at E3, we go hands-on

Billy Steele

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Before the craziness commenced here in Los Angeles, ROCCAT got its E3 party started with announcements concerning two gaming mice. The outfit unveiled the three-button Lua and the more high-end Kone XTD to suit gamers who prefer a truckload of programmable options and those who fancy a much simpler set-up. We grabbed some hands-on time with the pair on the show floor to see just how the two stacked up. We were particularly impressed with how both felt in the hand and how comfortable they were to use for all our gaming-related movements during the mini session. For a close look at both the Lua and the Kone XTD, stop by the gallery below or head on past the break for a few thoughts on the gaming peripherals.

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ROCCAT's Lua and Kone XTD gaming mice shown off at E3, we go handson

As we mentioned before, the ROCCAT Lua is geared towards those who prefer a stripped down option for taking to the battlefield. Aside from the trio of buttons, the kit sports a Pro Optic R2 senor capable of firing up the DPI setting to 2,000 and back down to 250 with five other presets in between. You can also configure the rig's lighting to change when you're approaching an intense face-off in whatever title you're playing. On the outside, the unit is covered with a soft-touch material and features no-sweat sides in order to offer the best grip possible in those high-stress mission scenarios. Speaking of which, the Lua will be the smallest mouse in the company's gear locker. We found that the slimmed down design only increased how well the kit felt in our hand. Looking for a lefty option? You've got one here, as this mouse is designed for use on either side. We're told this gaming accessory will drop in July and will set you back around $50 -- up from the $30 price tag we saw earlier in the week.

ROCCAT's Lua and Kone XTD gaming mice shown off at E3, we go handson

For those looking for a more elaborate set-up, you may want to opt for the Kone XTD. E3 is one of the first places that ROCCAT is showing of this particular mouse, so we were sure to snag a few moments of hands-on time with it. While it is for right-handed gamers only, the device sports a braided cable and the same overall design from the original Kone gaming mouse. Grooves on both sides of the kit give your thumb a nice place to rest and keep your hand as comfy as possible. Internally, you'll discover a 8,200 maximum DPI Pro Aim R3 laser sensor and integrated tracking control that calibrates the sensor to your gaming surface with the help of the outfit's drivers and software. Speaking of which, said application also offers profile management for the peripheral where you can link up to three different games to keep your macros sorted for your various duties.

Housing 12 buttons on its facade, the Kone XTD can be configured to carry up to 24 controls via Easy Shift [+] technology. Tap one of the thumb buttons on the mouse and you're in Easy Shift mode, ready to access the second bank of tools you'll need to eventually take down your nemesis. In the base of the peripheral, you'll find a spot for making the XTD a bit heavier that can carry up to four small weights. And if custom hues are your thing, you'll be able to fine tune all four the rig's multi-color LEDs to suit your unique preferences. If you're looking to go this route in October, you'll have to cough up just over $100. ROCCAT also chatted up the R.A.D. achievements display with tracks your mouse activity and awards gaming cred for insane amounts for scrolling and several thousand clicks. As you may have guessed, you'll be able to share all of those with you mates for mouse-wielding bragging rights through Facebook and Twitter -- if you so choose.

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