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Steam offers Lord of the Rings Online starter pack


Is it one digital distribution service to rule them all? Starting today, Lord of the Rings Online is now available to download from Steam. To add incentive for using the service, Steam is offering a special starter pack for players looking to step foot into the game for the first time -- or free-to-play vets eager for a good deal.

The LotRO Steam starter pack
will outfit an adventurer with an exclusive mount, an XP-boost token that delivers 25% extra XP on monster kills up until level 65, and 1,000 Turbine Points to spend in the game's store. The deal also includes three zone quest packs -- North Downs, Evendim, and Misty Mountains -- which covers levels 21-50.

Currently the starter pack is 50% off at $14.99, which makes the combined offerings a good deal if you lack the quest packs and want to shore up your leveling experience.

[Thanks to Brian for the tip!]

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