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Theatrhythm franchise could cross Square Enix properties


There's a reason Theatrhythm received top billing in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, as the game could expand into a series beyond the Final Fantasy franchise. Ichiro Hazama, producer at Square Enix's 1st Production Department, told us the publisher has plenty of intellectual properties where the formula could be applied.

"Our company has so many other IPs that create great music, so if you ask if I want to do it? I want to do it, but nothing is determined yet," said Hazama. "In my mind, it was my intention that if it expands to other franchises that would be great. That's why this title carries Theatrhythm first and Final Fantasy comes next."

Hmm, that opens up the series to possibilities like Theatrhythm: Kingdom Hearts... or Theatrhythm: Hitman.

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