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Allods Online merges down to one server


In every young server's life, there comes a time when it must leave the nest and join in union with another. And so it is for Tensess and Nezeb, Allods Online's two North American servers, which have now joined in holy matrimony to become one.

gPotato has merged the sole two NA servers to become a new one named Yul. To "celebrate" the merge, the publisher is giving a free Water of Life to every character affected by the move.

If a player has more than eight characters following the merge, the character select screen will now give access to all of them. While players can have more than eight due to the merge, if any characters over the eight limit are deleted, the spot is forever closed.

The issue of duplicate names has been dealt with as well. Characters that haven't logged in during the past eight weeks forfeit their right to those names, while players with duplicate characters can re-snag that name on a first-come basis.

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