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Appsterdam at WWDC 2012


Another excellent opportunity for developers who didn't get a ticket to WWDC 2012, but are going anyway (or live in San Francisco -- there's a few, I hear) is Appsterdam at WWDC. Veteran developer Mike Lee built a successful developer vibe in the Netherlands, now his team is bringing that same awesomeness to San Francisco during WWDC.

They'll be shacking up in the StackMob offices and, similar to IndieDevLab, will be providing co-working space and more. What more? Check out this schedule of events:

10:00am: Keynote breakfast - Coffee, donuts, bagels, and spreading rumors on Twitter about the next iPhone. What could be more fun?
1:00pm: Lunch talk by Appsterdam Mayor, Mike Lee - The Most Important Minute of Your Life
3:00pm: In partnership with IndieDevLab, we're preparing a special panel discussion. Featuring a number of the original Tapulous members, and moderated by Victor Agreda Jr, it promises to be a discussion on the iOS platform that you won't want to miss!

1:00pm: Lunch talk by Nathan Eror - The Hustle

1:00pm: Lunch talk by Jason Harris - Physicality, Bitches!

1:00pm: Lunch talk by Matt Vaznaian - Building a Backend for your iOS App in Minutes
1:30pm: Lunch talk by Danny Greg - Native Apps at GitHub

1:00pm: Lunch talk by Victor Agreda, Jr. - Managing Your Relationships with Bloggers

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

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