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Dolby reveals Atmos launch locations, invites you to come and 'see' the sound


Dolby's Atmos is being rolled out to a few selected locations to show off the groundbreaking new technology. It lets sound mixers project sounds over your head and around you with pinpoint accuracy -- kinda making you wish it'd kept the "surround-sound" name in reserve for it, really. After the break we've got the list of where it's making its debut, some of which are public, some of which are private -- we wouldn't suggest you try to break into the Skywalker ranch's screening room, for example.

Dolby Atmos Locations

The following theatres, post houses, and Dolby offices will be the first in the world to provide the future of entertainment sound through Dolby Atmos.

AMC Barrywoods 24
Kansas City, MO, USA

AMC Burbank 16
Burbank, CA, USA

AMC Century City 15
Century City, CA, USA

AMC Downtown Disney 24
Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA

AMC Garden State 16
Paramus, NJ, USA

AMC Van Ness 14
San Francisco, CA, USA

Arclight Sherman Oaks
Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

Brenden Theatres at the Palms
Las Vegas, NV, USA

Cinetopia Vancouver Mall 23
Vancouver, WA, USA

The Dolby Theatre
Hollywood, CA, USA

Empire Leicester Square
London, United Kingdom

UME Shuangjing
Beijing, China

China Film Post (Global Post Facility)
Beijing, China

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