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Firefall dev diary discusses SIN


The folks at Red 5 Studios have put out a new Firefall dev diary video today, and this one is all about how much they love SIN. Senior Designer Scott Rudi and Lead Designer Scott Youngblood dedicate this video to talking about the wonders of Firefall's Shared Intelligence Network. SIN is described as a network that connects all Battleframes within a given area, allowing them to share information with one another on-the-fly.

The use of this network is extensive. In combat, it allows you to see what your allies see, causing nearby enemies and other points of interest to be marked on your HUD. Players can also designate specific objectives, such as downed teammates or damaged vehicles, to other players within the network. The pair stress that liberal use of SIN's capabilities will be essential for success, as its information is fed not only to your teammates but to deployables such as turrets as well. For the full details on Firefall's SIN, just click on through and watch the video for yourself.

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