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Foursquare 5.0 gets a major overhaul


Fans of social sharing app foursquare can rejoice today -- the namesake app for the location-based social networking service has been updated to version 5.0, with a lot of new and exciting features, plus a redesigned user interface.

The free app has increased the number of check-ins that your friends can see, so they now have a better idea of what you're up to as you bounce around your world. There's now a recommendation feature and "Top Picks" button that shows the best places -- as voted on by other foursquare users -- to shop, get food or drinks, see the sights or enjoy nightlife.

In previous versions of the app, check-ins were accomplished by tapping a specific button at the bottom of the foursquare screen and then picking your location from a list of the nearest locations. Now there's a check-in button at the top of the app that displays a small map of local check-in spots as well as a list of locations.

All in all, the updated app seems faster and the new user interface is a definite improvement. Be sure to check out the gallery for a quick look at the new foursquare.

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