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Judge puts the kibosh on one Apple vs. Motorola patent trial (maybe, tune in next week)


In an (all too rare, if you ask us) occurrence, US Circuit Judge Richard A. Posner has tentatively decided to dismiss an Apple patent infringement case against Motorola. Both sides were seeking damages in the case, and the decision to dismiss it "with prejudice" would mean neither side could refile these claims again. According to his ruling in U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, neither side could credibly establish its damages so he's putting a stop to things before it ever goes in front of a jury. That said, he will issue a more in depth ruling next week and noted that he could still change his mind. For our sanity alone we hope he does not, although it ultimately won't matter much with so many other smartphone patent lawsuits involving these companies filling up dockets in courts around the globe.

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